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  • Maintaining a Drug–Free Workplace

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    Supervisor Training Program

    This training program clearly covers difficult situations such as how to confront an employee with an alcohol or drug problem — from a productivity viewpoint.

    Supervisors will learn to recognize signs of poor performance and use them to get a troubled employee the help they may need. This flexible program is designed to fit training time available to you whether it is one, two or four hours.

    There are five short segments on key topics such as:

    Part 1: It’s up to Us

    Effects of alcohol and drug abuse on the workplace. Supervisor’s role in implementing a Drug-Free Workplace Program.

    Part 2: Document, Don’t Diagnose

    How to recognize indicators of substance abuse.

    Part 3: Step by Step

    How to constructively confront an employee showing signs of reasonable suspicion. Practice these skills with role plays.

    Part 4: How Testing Works

    The six occasions for tests. The testing process and the employee’s rights.

    Part 5: You’re Talking to Me?

    How to handle a typical employee during interventions.