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  • What Aviation Safety–Sensitive Employees Need to Know about the DOT/FAA Alcohol and Drug Testing Rules.

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    Training Kit for Aviation Safety–Sensitive Employees.

    Reviewed by Regional Airline Association, Washington DC. Developed with the help of aviation professionals from around the country.

    The DOT/FAA Alcohol and Drug Testing Rules training kit can be used for training compliance of:

    Flight Crew Members, Flight Instructors, Aircraft Dispatchers and Flight Controllers, Aircraft Maintaince (mechanics, quality control inspectors and technical specialists, maintaince controllers, and quality assurance auditors), Management Staff required performing regulated functions, and Air your Traffic, and Ground Security Personnel.

    Aviation Alert! Video/DVD

    For effective training, the Aviation Alert! Video/DVD is Divided into easy to use short sections. Topics covered include:
    • The DOT Prohibited 5 Drugs and Alcohol Misuse including Signs and Symptoms
    • FAA Rule Violations
    • Types of Testing
    • Occasions for Testing including FAA Post Accident Rules
    • Consequences of Positive Test and your license under FAA Rules

    Leader's Guide

    The Leader's Guide provides step-by-step training assistance. There is an Outline for Training with discussion questions, reproducible forms, notices, and training rosters.


    Included in the kit is the new What Aviation Employees Need to Know about FAA Alcohol and Drug Testing Rules Handbook which is organized into an easy to use 'Question and Answer' format. The information under Part 121 and Part 135 that an employer is required to supply to the employee with the exception of the substance abuse policy is covered.

    The handbook also includes a tear out Certificate of Completion to document who received the training, who provided the training, and what training materials were used that can be put into the employee's qualification's file.